Wales Wales and more wales

It has become clear that Billy Bunter and Dr Death clearly have no idea of how to deal with the ever improving global situation. So we decided to head off to Wales for a few days to see if we might get a glance at some puffins! We have made it as far as Marleos. The campsite overlooks what Ordinance Survey calls the “Celtic Sea” and what I call the Atlantic Ocean. If I look due southwest I can see America. Well I would if the earth was flat.

We know the earth is not flat, and we should ignore people who say it is, but we should also look at how best to rebuild our lives after the Covid crisis and that means opening borders and getting people travelling again. Sadly the government don’t seem to be too keen on that, so we went to Wales in search of Puffins and seals.

We met some amazing young people Rob an Emma, they too are busting for world travel to re-open.

Sadly today- we met some well off idiot who wants to stay cosseted and closed off from the rest of the world. If that sort of person wants to wants to stay at home, let them. Just do t stop us.

Looking down on the Irish Sea from Wales.

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