Chepstow, Wales’ border market town

Sitting on the edge of the river Wye, the town of Chepstow is dominated by its castle. It is one of the most picturesque market towns on the Welsh borders. England sits across the Chepstow bridge, but the settlement of Tutshill lacks a pub. As Christmas approaches a fog descends on Chepstow, and the townContinue reading “Chepstow, Wales’ border market town”

One horse towns and wild mountains. Arizona.

We pulled into Willcox in Southern Arizona. A railway track and silos demonstrate the centuries old trade that go through here. We strolled to Rix’s tavern, where people really wear cowboy boots and ride horses. They drink beer, take pool seriously and are very friendly. Around the corner is a Mexican restaurant called LA Unica.Continue reading “One horse towns and wild mountains. Arizona.”

St Helena captured on film

There is magical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, south of Ghana, west of Angola, lies St Helena. A British Overseas territory, St Helena was isolated for years due to having no airfield. Now linked with the African Continent by an Embraer E190, the island has a weekly flight! I captured the entireContinue reading “St Helena captured on film”