Underwater from the straights of Tiran to the Gulf of Suez

A journey north through to Dahab where dived the magical canyons we soon steamed south to the straights of Tiran. After a dive on Ras Mohammad, we steam out to the gulf of Suez and Safe Anchorage F where we dive on the SS Thislegorm. Rent apart by the destructive luftwaffe in 1941 the Thistlegorm lies in silent tribute to the brave gunners and seamen who died defending her.

Ending down near Hurghada on clear walls and multilevel wrecks, our week was utterly magical. organised by the African and Oriental Travel company, http://www.orientafricatravel.com on the MV Nouran of Red Sea Explorers, we were led by the amazing Steve Crosby acting as 2 i/c and the Even more amazing Sandra Rundberg the trip was quite frankly beyond belief.

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